On Monday 16th June six Year 5 children from St John's Primary School in Walworth went to visit the Chelsea College of Art and Design, near the River Thames at Millbank. Our Head Teacher nearly came to study art at this college but he became a teacher instead. The College was a very big place with many rooms and stairs. We felt lost all the time. Once the college used to be a military hospital. We saw the old graveyard.

We went to look at the art exhibits displayed in the rooms. Emma showed us around. Here are some of our favourite exhibits.

Broken Down Car by Janak Odedra
By Joel
The broken down car was a smashed up car with all the pieces rearranged. The car was black and it was messed up. It looked interesting and not like anything else.

It made me happy because the person didn't paint it in one day. I liked it because cars are interesting. I wondered why it said 'dad' at the bottom but I still liked it.

In the Middle of War by James Early
By Amy Louise
You can see yourself on the screen, it is like you are in the film. It was a film about World War. The sound was of people screaming, bombs sounds and people speaking and you can see yourself right in the middle of the war.

It was weird how you were on the screen. It was kind of funny pretending to be a movie star. It made me feel scared a bit because I thought I was really inside the film.

The Mirror of Reflection by Nicky Walsh
By Adama
The mirror of reflection was my favourite part because I like the way where ever you go it follows you. It smells like paint. It sounds like buzzing. It looks like whoever walks in the room. It is in the left turret room, you have to climb the winding stairs. I would give it 8 out of 10.

It makes me feel funny because I don't usually see stuff like that. I really enjoyed it, that is why I have chosen it for the website.

The Jungle by Stacy Willis
By Gift
If you look forward it takes you into an imaginary world. It is very colourful and straight away you can see it's a jungle. It is kind of abstract and makes you happy and warm. Its material was the first one I saw which was glass. The size was fantastic. It was just brilliant.

The Small Prayer Room by Waleed Zaman
By Shawn
The small prayer room was so quiet and peaceful so when you had to go in you had to take off your shoes. There was a very big door which had curtains to guard it. There were windows which curtains covered it. There was a soft carpet which had fur as a zebra. It was a cube shaped place which didn't have any roof but anyway it wasn't cold. As we went in we all sat down peacefully and started to hum 'hummmmm' went everyone. Gift added the letter 'a' to it so it sounded 'hummmma'. We all enjoyed ourselves.

What I thought about it was that it was a megatastic thing and I wish I had a very small nap in it because it will make me sleep quickly. I will give it 10 out of 10 and say to the person who made it, 'Congratulation!' That is how much I like it.

The Mirror of Perfection by Steve Rosenthal
By Tamara
The mirror is very big with lights around it and in the room there is applause sound which comes on and off every few seconds. There are little business kind of cards which say 'ME' in a bright shiny colour and has Steve Rosenthal's phone and email address. The room is like a little showroom which boosts your confidence.