Logistics and contacts for organizing the show are here.

Website issues

We have endeavoured to contact everyone in the college to ask for permission to include you in this website, and to make your details accurate.

If you are not on the site and would like to be,

...or you have a page on the site and would like it to be removed,

...or any details are wrong,

...or you would like to change the image(s) on the site,

...or you have any other comments or suggestions

Contact us at comment@chelseadegreeshow.org (or see About Us for other contact details).

Note: You may email us an image or images. They do not need to be high resolution, as we will in any case convert them to an appropriate resolution for the website. We do have the ability to load other media if you prefer; talk to us about it!

You might also be interested in showing your work at the University of the Arts Showtime site.